Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MoYou London: Now Available in the Philippines!

Yes, you've read that right. MoYou London is now available in the Philippines. I am a big fan of their plates. I always had to order them from their website. Since they are based in London, I had to wait a month for my plates to arrive. It was definitely not fun to wait that long. When I was contacted by a representative of their official distributor in the Philippines, I was definitely happy because I no longer have to wait weeks to get my plates. I can just go to their stall and purchase the plates that I want.

As of the moment, they only have limited designs available. But I'm sure that they will carry more collections. The plates can be purchased from:

Robinsons Department Store Ermita
Robinsons Department Store Metroeast
Robinsons Department Store Malabon
Sta Lucia East Department Store
Pormada (online)
Zalora (online)

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They sent me three plates to review. I chose Mother Nature Collection 04, Suki Collection 01 and Kaleidoscope 02. MoYou London really have the best packaging. The plates are placed inside thick cardboard-like sleeves which have the name of the collection to which the nail plate belongs.  The sleeves have a punched-out area on the right side which shows the plate number. The plate number is printed on the white backing of the plate and it's also engraved on the plate itself. 

Just like any other nail plate, MoYou London plates have a blue film on top. The film must be removed before you start stamping or else no image will be picked up. 


I was honestly happy when I received this stamper. It is the marshmallow type so it makes stamping easier. The scraper is also a favorite because it's thick and the size is just enough to scrape off the excess polish. The two came in a small canvas pouch with their brand's name. MoYou London really wins best in packaging. My previous stampers just came in a plastic pouch. This canvas pouch is definitely a plus!


They also have a manual which shows a step-by-step procedure on how to stamp. It is somewhat useful for first time users. However, what really worked for me during my newbie days was practice. I practiced a lot. Scraping the excess polish and picking up the image are really easy. But If you work too slow, then the image might not transfer to your nails. My advice is to practice. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy. You can finish your nail art in just 5 minutes!


For this nail art, I used MoYou London Kaleidoscope 02. Since it's almost Christmas, I made a parol inspired nail art.  For my base, I used Revlon Wild Violets which is a very dark purple shade with shimmer. I then stamped an image from MoYou London Kaleidoscope 02 using Jocarste White. 

It was okay with just a white stamped image but I decided to color it using my Inktense Blocks. It's works like watercolor but the colors are more intense, hence the name, Inktense. I, then, topped it off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

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Thank you for reading!

Some items mentioned were sent for review. Everything written is my honest opinion.


  1. Its great to hear that MoYou London is more accessible for you to purchase them now. Those stamping plates you chose to review look great and you got an awesome manicure with it too :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa! :) I was very happy that it's now available here. Have you tried their plates? :)

  2. Hi would you know how much 1 set cost???

  3. Ohmygosh! This is so cute and it looks so easy to use! I think I'll order some of these too. Sometimes, I try to do d-i-y nail art but they are too time-consuming ;A;


  4. I love every sentence in this post, you are hilarious!

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