Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I've been a Bigbang fan for 5 years and I'm positive that I will always be their fan. I was really happy that they finally made a comeback after 3 years on hiatus. THREE LONG YEARS. Not only did they make a comeback, they also announced that they will have a concert tour.   When they chose the Philippines as one of their destinations for their MADE tour, I was really happy. However, I wasn't able to buy a ticket to their concert. Upper box tickets were sold out within a week! x_x   

But two days before the concert, KitKat Philippines contacted me. They were going to give me TWO FREE TICKETS to Bigbang's concert! I couldn't believe it. KitKat is my fairy godmother. Haha. It's really meant to be that I'd get to see them again. My VIP heart is and will be forever grateful to KitKat for this #ConcertBreak. By the way, you can also get free tickets to your favorite singer/band/performer. Just visit KitKat Philippines and follow the instructions posted. 


My friend Kim and I went to SM MOA Arena after our Neurology exam. I chose her as my plus one because I know how obsessed she is with Bigbang especially G-Dragon. Since this is her first Bigbang concert, I didn't want her to watch it from the General Admissions area. When we arrived in MOA at around 5 in the afternoon, there were already a lot of people. We waited for Gelo, the KitKat representative, who will be giving us our tickets. 

When we got our tickets, we entered the arena through their VIP/Red ticket lane entrance. No more long lines! We went up to their Premier Suites specifically suite 337. 

That's me! A very happy VIP :)

Here are photos of the lounge. The lounge has its own bathroom, couch and a KitKat bench.  We were also provided with food and drinks. One would definitely feel like a VIP while watching any show from this area.

Here is a sort of view from our seats. It's just above the lower box area so imagine how close we were. I have shaky fancams later in this post. 

It's me again! Hahaha. I just had to have this obligatory photo on the KitKat bench. It did look like a a big KitKat. I honestly wanted to take it home. :)

Now, on to the concert details. I'll just spam you with the concert photos. I'm not sure of the exact arrangement of the songs.  

Enough with the photos. Here are my shaky and not-so-shaky fancams. I tried to not move but it's just impossible not to dance to their songs. After the long wait (3 years on hiatus), they are finally back. This is their first song - Bang Bang Bang. 

Here's a video of their introduction. TOP accidentally said Singapore. :( It's okay. I still love you TOP. 

Next video is HARU HARU.

Next is LOSER.

TOP's crazy rap skills. Yes, he is THAT good. 

I loved their talks between performances. In this video, Daesung was so adorable. He said "Nakikita niyo ba ako? (Can you guys see me?)" because of his bangs.

Here's a video of Seungri's pabebe. Seungri and Daesung really messed up my bias list. They were best in fan service and they really had interaction with the fans. I love them!

Taeyang's Eyes Nose Lips was the only performance that I was able to capture from start to finish. His vocals were amazing. But, I was really hoping he'd take his shirt off. Haha.

Lights. Sounds. Moving ramp. Fireworks. Flames. PLUS FAN SERVICE. The concert was awesome. They are definitely the KINGS. It's obvious that they really gave their 100% effort into making this concert a success. It is very difficult to describe how awesome their concert was. It can't be described. It can only be felt.

I definitely enjoyed their concert. Every minute is worth it. If you are a Bigbang fan and you haven't seen them perform live, then you should definitely make that one of your life goals. Fancams don't even give justice to their performances. I can't wait for their next concert, though, I know it will be years from now. See you again, oppa~!


  1. Looked like a very fun concert!

    1. It definitely was! :) I had so much fun :)

  2. Ahhhh I'vve been absent from the blogger world for such a long time buuuuut finally I could make it to read your post!
    I am so happy that you blogged about this. I mean, I followed your tweets already but all the pictures are just wonderful! And OMG you even got the tickets for free????!!! How cool is that! My jealousy rises as I'm typing this xD No, seriously, I am so happy for you that you got to experience this. VIP hwaiting~~~ ^.^
    TOPs rap was awsome, but then again, when is it not? The boys sounds incredible, it just makes my heart melt. Omo, I'm positive that I will always love them as well <3 haha

    1. They were awesome, Anhy! I definitely enjoyed the concert. :) Are they coming to your country? :)

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  4. Very cool! Yor hair is amazing!! Have a wonderful week sweetie!

  5. HUHUHU I miss them so much grabee! T^T <3

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