Monday, April 20, 2015

Almost Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble is one of the nail techniques that I have trouble doing. I was able to try it in my Glittered Watermarble nail art but it took me a while and a lot of polish just to achieve that look. In this post, I will tell you a technique on how to achieve this water marbled base.


The technique is: IT'S NOT WATER MARBLE. It is stamping! What's really good about it is that it is very easy to achieve. The downside is it's only limited to this design. But the brilliant minds of nail plate makers might just come up with more water marble designs in the near future. I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Let's move on to the details of this nail art. For my base, I used Zoya Pixie Dust Sunshine which I purchased from Polish Please. It is a very beautiful navy blue polish that dries to a textured finish. I used two thin coats for this. 

I, then, stamped my base with the water marble image from Born Pretty Store BP 41. The stamping polish I used is Nature Republic Pastel Blue.

For the flowers, I used MoYou London Mother Nature 02 and a white polish. I colored it using leadlight technique and my DIY jellies. I added some silver studs to complete the look. I didn't apply any top coat.

Here are some close-up shots of my mani:

After making this nail art, I realized that stamping on textured polishes gives a nice effect. This is going to be my new favorite. I'm now considering making more nail arts using textured polishes.

For my readers, you get 10% off the regular price when purchasing this nail stamping image plate or any nail art item from Born Pretty Store using this code: BRH10

Anyway, that's it for this post. Thank you for reading! :)

This post contains sponsored products. Everything posted here is my honest opinion.


  1. They look gorgeous and totally resembles a real water marble design. I saw that particular technique too and want to give it a try now.

    1. Thank you! :) Watermarble is just too tiring to do. :(

  2. I struggle with water marble as well, and practicing costs too much polishes haha xD
    Anyways, I love this marble effect you've created with the stamping plate. Gosh, you are indeed the Stamping Queen *___*

    1. Omg! That's really sweet of you! You're right. It uses too much polish :(

  3. Very pretty! I like the little flower that you added to the manicure :)

  4. I haven't watermarbled in a long time... I hate the mess! I really like how the flowers are shiny but the rest of it is textured :) I love stamping over texture polishes but I find that the stamping rubs off after a day or two since it isn't sealed in :(

    1. Yeah. It does rub off easily. :( But I love the effect. :)

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