Monday, November 17, 2014

Flower Power

I have some extra time to paint nails so here's another nail art for you. I used FUN (Fab Ur Nails) 15 image plate for the stamped flowers. Using my DIY jellies, I colored them to achieve a leadlight look. 

I also used some dried flowers from Born Pretty Store. I wonder if there's a technique in using these flowers. I really had difficulty putting them in place. Any suggestions?

Here's a close up shot of the flowers. What do you think? :)

The dried flowers came in a pack of 12. I love that they came in different colors. However, I did not like the fact that they are so fragile. The flowers easily came off of their stem. If you're using dried flowers, remember to handle them with care!  

You can order your own set from Born Pretty Store. Don't forget to use my discount code 'BRH10' for a 10% off your purchase. :) 

Here's another shot of the nail art.

That's it for this post! Thanks for reading! :)


  1. That's gorgeous! Everything just works so well together. I've never used dried flowers before too.

    1. Thank you! :) They are a bit difficult to use. :(

  2. I'm in love with blue flowers, you made them pop out like 3D sooooo creative!!!

    恵美より ♥


  3. Aww those dried flowers are so pretty *___* I always wanted to try them


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