Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July + tutorial

Hi! I've been seeing a lot of 'Fourth of July' nail arts, and I decided to make one myself although I don't really celebrate it. I also included a tutorial so you'll know how I did it. :)

For this this nail art, I used my straight tile nail stencils which you can buy from my Storenvy

I decided to just make the tutorial into a GIF so this post would not be too picture heavy.

1. Start with a white base. 
2. Place the straight tile nail stencil in any direction that you want. 
3. Paint one side with red nail polish, and the other side with blue nail polish.  
4. Slowly remove the nail stencil, apply your favorite top coat, and you are done! :) 

Here are more photos of the nail art. For my other fingers, I stamped it with an image from MoYou London Fairytale 4. 


Here are some close-up shots of the nail art.  

I hope you'll find my tutorial helpful. I'll end this post with a collage of the steps. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. This looks great! Awesome to see that you used your nail vinyls to create the design too.

  2. love the design you created with your nail vinyls! I think you could actually use it for a back to school mani... kind of reminds me of lined paper lol... I really like the 2 toned stamping too it's really pretty!


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