Sunday, March 23, 2014

Black over Gold

Hi! I would like to share my simple nail art. 

I used two coats of OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and stamped it with an image from MoYou London Explorer 03. I didn't use any top coat because L.A.M.B. dries with a matte finish. I wanted the matte to show. :) 

I love this polish. One coat was already very opaque. I just did two because I'm not used to just putting one coat of polish.  

Here are some close up shots. :)

I recently found a cheap but good stamping polish. If you're from the Philippines, it's the brand Jocarste. I love their black polish! It's really cheap at Php 39. If you convert that to US dolllar, that's less than a dollar. :) I'm so happy that I don't have to buy expensive black stamping polish :)

By the way, I decided to use my tripod that's why my photos look clearer and sharper. I thought it wouldn't make a difference but it did. :) Yay! Anyway, I hope you liked this simple stamping mani :)

See you on my next post! :)


  1. A very lovely design, I love it ^^

    恵美より x

  2. Your photos look amazing! Which camera do you actually use? I'm in love with the quality of your pics *__*
    LAMB is such a gorgeous gold, I wasn't sure whether to get something from this collection or not. Probably should :D And the stamping looks great too, I wish I could find a cheap stamping polish *sigh*

    1. Hi! :) I'm using a Canon 500D with the kit lens (18-55m) plus a macro ring light since I usually paint my nails at night. :)) Thank you, Anhy! :) LAMB and Push and Shove were the only ones I bought. They seemed unique. I love that this one dries to a matte finish and the consistency is also very good :D

  3. Aww, I love this black and gold combination! *o*

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  4. This is so pretty! Your stamping looks amazing too.

  5. great mani! did you find the stamping came off since you didn't put top coat over it? i've never tried stamping over matte polish but i've stamped over textures and the stamping always rubs off :(


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