Friday, February 7, 2014

Failed houndstooth

You might be curious why I chose that title for this post. Last Monday, I wore a jacket with a houndstooth print and I thought I should stamp my current mani with a houndstooth image. I got my MoYou London Pro Collection 04, thinking that it has a houndstooth image which is the reason I bought the plate. I scraped the excess black polish, used my squishy XL stamper and stamped the image on my ring finger. I was so happy for the first few minutes but when I stared too long at my nail, I realized that it was not a houndstooth image. What a bummer! :( 

It was not MoYou London's fault. It was my fault. They posted the correct image on their website and I did not check it properly. Haha. Nevertheless, I still think this nail art turned out okay. :)

Both images are from MoYou London Pro Collection 04. The base is Lush Lacquer - Rosies Posies.  

That's it for this post! :) Thanks for reading!


  1. maybe not the houndstooth print, but i think this is nice manicure... and that polish is such a cutie :D

  2. Its still a nice manicure even though its not a houndstooth print :)

  3. omg , thats great <3

  4. it's still pretty anyway! Rosies Posies is really pretty and the stamping matches well :)


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