Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Instax Mini 50s - Because film is fun :)

If you're one of my Instagram followers, then you may have already seen my post regarding my new gadget. My sweet boyfriend bought it for me to make me happy and because he loves me. Haha. 

When the Instax mini 50s arrived last night, I was very happy and excited but all I could do was look at it and press the buttons. I wasn't able to buy a pack of film beforehand. The next day, I bought 1 box of Instax mini film from my friend (Thanks, Charli!), went home immediately after class and took pictures.

Tepan, my boyfriend, ordered it from Carefreeshopper who ordered it from Amazon. Well, I ordered it and he paid for it. He wanted to buy one from the mall but it was very pricey. So we looked for one that was a very good deal. He only paid Php 4999 for this! And it's the 50s! The cheapest 50s I saw that was sold here in the Philippines is priced at Php 6800. 

The box includes: 1 camera, 1 strap, 1 close up lens, 2 CR2 Panasonic batteries and a manual. 

Front view

Back view

Opened the back so you can see where to put the film.

Batteries are placed at the side. Follow the proper polarity of the batteries or your camera won't turn on. Haha. Plus, you must always use new batteries with the kind and brand. Don't mix and match. 

The CR2 batteries. They're so small and fat. Haha. Cute. They can be bought at camera stores but not as readily available as the AA batteries. :) I know some sellers are also selling rechargeable ones. Make sure it's from a trusted brand. :)

Different buttons at the back and the film counter. The viewfinder is at the right most part.

This is where the film comes out. 

The close up lens that doesn't really do much. Haha. 

Black strap for the black camera. Haha. 

This camera has two shutter buttons. The big circular button in front and the smaller oblong one at the side. The presence of two shutter button makes it easier to take portrait and landscape photos. 

This camera can also be placed on a tripod. Another awesome feature is the self timer - 10 seconds. With the self timer, you can produce 1 or 2 photos. These two features will come in handy in group photos. :)

As for the film, you must only use instax mini films. There are a lot of designs available now. I'll buy some next time. :)

Put in the film this way. DON'T PRESS IT. 

Once the back cover is closed, you can now see the yellow strip. This means that there is film inside. Don't open it again until after you finish all 10 sheets. You would end up wasting your film if you open it. 

The screen is supposed to show how many films you have left. Since it's a new pack, it still like this. Press the shutter button and the film cover will come out. 

The cover is not counted. Everytime you put in new film, you have to press the shutter button to remove this.

...And the countdown begins! Haha. 

This is the first photo I took. It's a photo of me, my guinea pig and my stuffed toy. 

That's it for this post. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. aww I want this so bad!!! Hihi Love the picture with your guinea pig, it's so adorable =)

    1. Thank you! :D It's so fun to use. :) hihi. But the film is expensive, though.


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