Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coloring my life: Copic Sketch Markers and Prismacolor

For those who are into drawing or anything related to it, Copic Markers are very popular. The markers utilize permanent, non-toxic, alcohol-based ink and they are very good in achieving that anime-ish color. 

The markers are available in 358 colors! They are refillable and the nibs can be changed if they are already worn out; thus, they are already a lifetime investment. But of course, that still depends on how one takes care of the pens.

Copic markers have two tips: a chisel-style tip at the end and a brush tip at the other (Sorry! I forgot to take photos of the tips). You can choose either tip depending on the area you are going to cover. 

This is my first Copic set and I swear they are very fun to play with. Plus, they give a very nice gradient effect once they dry up. I actually ordered a few more because I felt sad that all my chibis had blue hair (blue was the only dark color I got). I hope they arrive soon. ^_^

Months ago, I also bought a set of colored pens - the Prismacolor Premier 48 Colored Pencils. I've read so many good reviews about these colored pens and once I tried them, I understood why. 

They are very soft and easy to blend and they are very pigmented so the colors turn out really good. 

It comes with a good range of colors that makes blending easier.

If you're wondering where I bought my Copic pens and Prismacolor Colored pencils, I bought it from Artmedia Trading (Hi Jacky!). The owner of the shop is the nicest seller I've ever encountered. 

When I bought my Prismacolor Premier from her, she was already very enthusiastic at that time even if I haven't bought anything from her. She answered my questions regarding the pencils and why they are expensive and why they are good. When I made my payment, I got the item the next day! :)

For the Copic Markers, I have been asking her many questions regarding the pens and she answered every question enthusiastically. She recommended what colors I should get, what shade I should start with and how I should choose my colors. If it wasn't for her, I would have bought random colors and would have had a hard time blending. Plus, she's the only one selling Copics that are not overpriced.

 I bought my Copic Sketch Markers at Php 218 per marker. That's actually really cheap because some sell it at Php 240 per piece! O_O She also offers free shipping once your order reaches Php 500! ^_^ Good deal! :)

I really had a good experience with the owner of the online store that I'm actually recommending her to all art enthusiasts especially those who are in the Philippines. 

This is her online store: Artmedia Trading on Facebook

Everything in this post was bought with my own money. :)


  1. So many colours, looks really great I'll check out the store ^^ Thanks for sharing!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Hi Emi! :D Thank you for dropping by. I haven't blog in months. T_T

  2. I am feeling so jealous. I want a Copic set too~ but Copic Markers are too expensive for me >A< Although I'd also like to try it one day. Right now, I am more into Digital drawing because it isn't as expensive. haha~

    1. That's why I only bought 6 markers. :)) But I think the price is reasonable considering the effect it gives. Plus, once you run out of ink, you can just buy a refill bottle that could refill up to 10 times! :D You can just buy a few and you'll know what the hype is all about. :D I also tried digital drawing before but it feels weird to not feel the paper. Plus, it's also a skill so kudos to you! :) Maybe I'll try digital drawing too again. You're right though. It is less expensive and less messy. Hihi.

  3. ohhh these looks so nice Im not artistically skilled when it comes to a piece of paper and a pencil but........ would love to have this anyways xx

  4. It look really nice... looking forward to see you using these pencil to create something nice <3

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    Glitter Bunny Nail Polish Giveaway!

  5. As a beginner, I highly recommend you use Prisma. Not only are they cheaper, but they are slightly easier to use. As your skills grow, then you can start experimenting with Copic. You can even buy them online with
    www.Truemarkercolors. com. As for paper, they do make paper specific for marker use. Usually drawing paper will do the trick.


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