Saturday, February 2, 2013


I think this would be the first wishlist that I'm going to make. And, do you know what's good about it? It gives my readers a chance to win Php 10,000 worth of gift certificates from So good, right? Continue reading this post to know how you can win that awesome prize! ^_^

I've been shopping online for quite sometime now and it has made things easier for me because the items are delivered to my house. Ironically, it also gets harder because I don't get to save my allowance. Haha. Poor me and wallet~ There are just so many things I want to buy!! T_T 

Fast forward to... gloomy afternoon. I was browsing my twitter account and tah-dah! I saw the answer to my shopping problem. Nuffnang and is having a contest for all Nuffnangers. This is the second time I'm saying this but I really think Nuffnang is my fairy godmother. Haha. Last year, they had a contest about Bigbang, the most awesome KPOP group ever, and now they're having a shopping solution contest. Haha. For people who love to buy things, this is indeed a shopping solution.

Okay, okay. I'm going to stop talking too much. I'm just really excited. Haha. Can't you feel the excitement? (to the tune of 'Can you feel the love tonight?') Oh God. I think that's the worst joke everrrr. Haha!

Fine. Here's my list -- MY 10 SULIT MUST-HAVE'S. (All items are from

1. First one on the list is a camera flash. This one's from the brand Montana. I really hate using my camera's pop-up flash a.k.a built-in flash a.k.a flash that makes you ghostly white. It makes the colors washed out and the beauty of (me? haha. ._.) the colors doesn't get justice. With this mount flash, it will be easier to take photos of products for reviews and to take photos of events especially if it's during the night or indoors. 

2. Next item is still a camera gadget. I've had my camera for 2 years and he doesn't have enough friends. Boo. T_T I think a good friend would be a ring light. Do you ever wonder how bloggers get that ring effect on their eyes? I don't know how to describe but I do hope you get my point. Haha. Xiaxue, a very popular blogger, uses it and her pictures are amazing. ^_^ However, she uses the huge ring light. This one on my wish list is just the portable one because I don't think a huge circular light bulb would look good in my room and I don't think it would really fit. Haha. Too much clutter. Plus, this portable ring light would be good for macro shots. Since I'm into nail art, this would fit perfectly!

3. I think my camera has enough friends now so I'll move on to another item. It's no longer camera related but it's still a gadget. I think this phone would be on most people's wish list. Yes, it's none other than the iPhone 5. I really want a new phone. I currently own an iPhone 3GS and I think it will die soon. It keeps on restarting and the sim card holder or whatever you call it is sort of broken. Well, it was my fault really. Haha. But yeah, I really think I need an upgrade. The flash feature is interesting and I want the front camera. It's so embarrassing to take photos of myself using the back camera because a stranger passing by or sitting in front of me would see my vanity. Maybe it's just me but I really don't want a stranger to see my photo first because sometimes I really look weird in self taken photos. 

4. This would be the last gadget on my list -- a new laptop. I've had my laptop for almost 5 years and I'm sad to say that it's already giving up on me. I can no longer play online games without it crashing plus it heats up pretty bad. My boyfriend sometimes jokes that he can already cook a hard boiled egg using my laptop. How mean! *sniff* I really think I need to give it a rest. Poor, poor lappy... It has indeed served me well.

5. Now let's move on to beauty products. I only got two items here. The first one is the Sigma Brush Set. I've been dying to get my hands on these brushes ever since I've read reviews about them and different Youtube gurus raving about them. I love make up. But I think one can only go so far with few tools. But with these Sigma brushes, I know I can do a a lot of looks. Well, I wanted to buy cheaper brush sets but I thought I'd just opt for the Sigma one because it would be like a 'one time, big time' deal. I wouldn't have to purchase any other brush set. Hopefully. 

6. Second beauty product is the expensive and famous  Urban Decay NAKED palette. I wonder why it's called Naked. It's not really Naked. Haha. I know it's a stupid question. Moving on... This palette consists of very pigmented eye shadows which are very versatile. It can be used for a simple every day look or for a glamorous party look. All of my favorite Youtube make-up guru use this palette and I just got to try it myself! What's good about this palette is it comes with a brush and an eye primer. And, from what I've read Urban Decay's primer potion is the best and it really works wonders for eye make-ups. 

7. As some of you may know, I own a guinea pig and her name is Name. I know it's stupid naming my guinea pig Name, or any pet for that matter. My boyfriend gave her the name. Sometimes, I think my boyfriend is such a troll. XD Going back, my guinea pig needs a new home. I've been searching around and I saw this person selling fleece tunnels. Surprisingly, that's what I've been looking for. Fleece tunnels are tunnels made out of fleece. Haha. No seriously. It is. I really don't know how to describe it. It's like a cave made out of cloth or something like that. Anyway, I've read that guinea pigs like fleece tunnels and since I love my little guinea pig, I figured this would be great for her. I know the ad says hedgehog tunnels but I think the tunnel has enough space for my guinea pig to fit in it.

8. My next item is actually for my mom. She has a reflux disorder. The doctor advised her to keep her bed upright to prevent the food from going back up. I really want my mom to feel better so I think this recliner would suit her pretty well. 

9. Next item is a takoyaki maker! I'm such a fan of Kimdao, a makeup blogger and youtuber. I saw her video making a takoyaki and I loved it! I never knew that takoyaki are so easy to make. Plus, I think this would be great for me since I really don't know how to cook. My cooking skills are just non-existent. With this appliance, I believe I would feel like a chef, even for just a while. Haha. 

10. Okay. This last item is a bit trivial but please don't judge me. Haha. As many of you don't know, I love playing online games. Currently, I'm addicted to Dragon Nest and my character is oh so pooooor. Haha. I want to have really cool clothes and items and I can have that by purchasing Cherry Credits. These are the money you have in the game. You can use it to buy items like clothes, pets and other things. Haha.

Whew~! What a long post. Haha. I really think I talk a lot. ^_^ 

As promised, I will share to my readers how they're going to get the chance to win Php 10,000 worth of GC's. 

You just have to write the following information in the comments section below:
1. Full Name:
2. Facebook Profile URL or Twitter ID
3. Your very own list of 10 Sulit Must Have's and the link (no explanation needed)
Here's an example of the what you'll post below.

That's it for this post and I can't wait to read your wish lists! ^_^


  1. Artha Amalia
    Facebook :
    Twitter ID :
    My 10 Sulit Must Have's:
    1. shape slimming --,Position,1-1,1
    2. Rott Weiler Puppy --,Position,1-5,5
    3. Super Junior - SFS Ver B (PH Ver) + Photocards + Rare Postcards ---,Position,1-5,5
    4. Casio G-shock --,Position,1-2,2
    5. guitar yamaha ---,Position,1-5,5
    6. Save The Date Invitation Magnets --,Position,1-5,5
    7. Android Tablet 7" ---,Position,1-1,1
    8. Diaper Cakes by Kimmy --,Position,1-5,5
    9. Front Closure Hinged Knee Brace --,Position,1-5,5
    10. Ford Fiesta A/t 68k --,Position,1-1,1


  2. Justin Vawter Greco Buenagua

    1. Samsung Galaxy S3,Position,1-1,1

    2. Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Position,1-1,1

    3. Canon 1000d DSLR Camera,Position,1-15,15

    4. Rayban Wayfarer,Position,1-7,7

    5. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Series,Position,1-1,1

    6. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre

    7. Adventure Time Finn and Jake Reversible Bag,Position,1-1,1

    8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    9. XBOX 360 Kinect

    10. LG 3D Led SmarTV,Position,1-4,4

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  4. Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
    Love, Anna

  5. Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
    Love, Anna

  6. Full Name: Anne Marielle Gantuangco
    Facebook Profile URL:
    Twitter ID: @annemarielleG

    1 - iphone5 -,Position,1-1,1

    2. ipad -,Position,1-4,4

    3. macbook air -,Position,1-20,20

    4. canon camera 650d -,Position,1-2,2

    5. casio gold watch -,Position,1-1,1

    6. ipod touch 5 -,Position,1-2,2

    7. harry potter set books -,Position,1-6,6

    8. taylor swift red keds shoes -,Position,1-1,1

    9.Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palete -,Position,1-1,1

    10. Mac Hello Kitty Make Up Brush Set -,Position,1-8,8

  7. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    My 10 Sulit MUST HAVE's:

    ( item 1 ) -,Position,1-1,1

    ( item 2 ) -,Position,1-2,2

    ( item 3 ) -,Position,1-4,4

    (item 4 ) -,Position,1-6,6

    (item 5 ) -,Position,1-7,7

    ( item 6 ) -,Position,1-6,6

    ( item 7 ) -,Position,1-10,10

    ( item 8 ) -,Position,1-12,12

    ( item 9 ) -,Position,1-13,13

    ( item 10 ) -,Position,1-1,1

  8. Name: Cristiane Zubiaga
    Twitter: @chaning19

    My top 10:
    1. Feng shui precious stones bracelet,Position,1-1,1

    2. dell laptop,Position,1-18,18

    3. LED TV,Position,1-12,12

    4. bag organizer,Position,1-3,3

    5. wooden hangers,Position,1-15,15

    6. bed sheet,Position,1-11,11

    7. juicy couture swim wear,Position,10-20,200

    8. shoe boxes,Position,1-3,3

    9. external hard drive,Position,1-5,5

    10. bluetooth earphone,Position,1-18,18

  9. Full Name: Benet T. Estillore
    Facebook Profile URL:

    My 10 Sulit Must Have's:
    1. Electric Guitar Squier Fender Hello Kitty Edition -,Position,2-10,30

    2. Hello Kitty Wall Lamp -,Position,3-14,54

    3. Yorkshire Terrier Puppies (Ceres Line) -,Position,1-2,2

    4. Mac Book Air 1.6ghz Dualcore I5 P41,999 Only -,Position,1-9,9

    5. Dog Stroller -,Position,1-1,1

    6. Hello Kitty Leather Case for iPad Mini FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE -,Position,2-18,38

    7. Hello Kitty Microfiber Star Kitty Drapes -,Position,6-8,108

    8. Authentic Hello Kitty Figures From Japan -

    9. ZTE MF60 Pocket WiFi / MiFi HSPA+ 21 Mbps (Open-line) -

    10. Hello Kitty Travel Luggage -,Position,1-3,3

  10. Tepan Ramintas :D
    i love you!!<3 <3 <3

    1. bow and arrow -,Position,1-4,4

    2. cherry credits -,Position,1-2,2

    3. alienware -,Position,1-2,2

    4. Made to Order Large Aquariums -,Position,1-3,3

    5. great dane -,Position,1-1,1

    6. massage chair -

    7. 3D TV -,Position,1-9,9

    8. airsoft -,Position,1-4,4

    9. Nipa Hut or Bahay kubo -,Position,1-4,4

    10. trip to korea (with breena reubee estillore) -,Position,1-3,3

  11. Vienna Joy Coralde

    My 10 Sulit Must-Haves to Start 2013 Right
    1. Iphone5, Ipad mini, Ipod toch 5th gen – ( )
    2. Primadonna Shoes for sale – ( )
    3. Chanel bag – ( )
    4. Brand new Ipad touch 5th gen touch 5 case & accessories – ( )
    5. Mac Make-up 78 palette – ( )
    6. Mac Make-up Powder Blush – ( )
    7. Korean Fashion Apparel – ( )
    8. Rayban Sunglass –( )
    9. Apple Iphone 3gs 16gb white color Factory unlock complete– ( )
    10. Guess watch in polka dots – ( )

  12. Fullname: Julieanne Francis U. Abayan
    TWITTER: @JeanneUgay


    1. computer -,Position,3-1,41

    2. Toddler Shoes -,Position,1-12,12

    3. Baby Boy shirt -,Position,1-5,5

    4. Ladies Wear -,Position,8-7,147

    5. Bedsheet -,Position,1-12,12

    6. Sofabed -,Position,1-6,6

    7. Smoothie Blender,Position,1-15,15

    8. Interior Design Services,Position,1-3,3

    9. Wall Sticker -,Position,1-12,12

    10. Educational Toys -,Position,1-15,15

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Lanna Krizcia T. Castro

    My Sulit Must Haves:

    1. Apple iPad 4,Position,1-5,5

    2. Hyundai EON,Position,1-2,2

    3. Samsung Galaxy Note II,Position,3-3,43

    4. HTC One X,Position,4-16,76

    5. Nokia Lumia 920,Position,1-8,8

    6. BlackBerry Z10,Position,1-1,1

    7. Sony Tablet S,Position,1-6,6

    8. Starmobile Flirt,Position,1-1,1

    9. Nokia PureView 808,Position,1-2,2

    10. Apple iPhone 5,Position,1-10,10

  15. Great list!

    Here are my Top 10 Sulit must haves:

    1. Samsung S III,Position,1-3,3

    2. Google Nexus 7!!?referralKeywords=nexus&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

    3. iPad Mini!!!%29+ON+HAND+STOCK?referralKeywords=iPad+mini&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

    4. Nikon D5100!+1Year+STORE+Warranty%2C6-month+PARTS+Warranty?referralKeywords=nikon+d5100&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-3,3

    5. Samsung 40" LED Internet TV,Position,1-1,1

    6. Treadmill!?referralKeywords=treadmill&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

    7. Rayban Shades,Position,1-1,1

    8. Monster Beats Studio Pro!!?referralKeywords=beats&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

    9. iPhone 5,Position,1-13,13

    10. Macbook Pro 15",Position,1-2,2

    Name: Ulpiano Edubos II
    Sulit Username:

  16. Ryan Michael Lagunzad

    1. Asus X401A Laptop -
    2. Ps3 Slim -,Position,1-14,14
    3. LG LED 3D TV -,Position,1-1,1
    4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -,Position,1-17,17
    5. External Hard Disk Seagate 1TB -
    6. LG Bluray 3D Home Theater System -,Position,1-2,2
    7. Huawei E586E -,Position,1-1,1
    8. Sala Set -,Position,1-1,1
    9. Union 18L Electric Oven -,Position,1-4,4
    10. LG REFRIGERATOR -,Position,1-9,9


    TOP 10 Sulit Must Haves

    1. IPAD Mini

    2. Samsung Galaxy Note II

    3. IPOD Touch 5th Gen

    4. Nikon DSLR

    5. HMDX Audio HX P230PU JAM Universal Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    6. Macbook Pro

    7. IPHONE 5 64GB

    8. Automatic Washing Machine

    9. Samsung LED Smart 3D TV!

    10. GE Profile 30in. Free Standing Double Oven Range

  18. Here's my list!

    Yan Birog

    1. Starbucks mug,Position,1-9,9

    2. Scarf blazer,Position,1-3,3

    3. Digital camera,Position,1-3,3

    4. Laptop,Position,1-1,1

    5. Running shoes,Position,1-2,2

    6. Mini usb vacuum cleaner,Position,1-1,1

    7. Punching bag,Position,1-10,10

    8. Kipling backpack,Position,1-1,1

    9. Electric piano,Position,1-1,1

    10. Laptop bag,Position,1-9,9

  19. Name: Arra C. Odeza

    My 10 Sulit Must Haves:
    1.Baby Crib Princess Complete -


    2.iPad mini Wi Fi 16GB -(

    3.Huawei E586 Pocket WiFi / MiFi 4G HSPA+ 21Mbps (Open-line)


    4.ASUS Zenbook UX31E RRG5 i5 Rose Gold Pink Laptop Ultrabook

    -( LCD tv 42cv600e -(

    6.Playpen play yard kids land for sale PASTEL COLOR -


    7.Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 Brand New -


    8.Brother Home Use Sewing Machine For Sale & Sewing Classes...


    9.Baby Walker Irdy Sale -(

    10.Buko Madness Buko Franchise Buko Madness Foodcart

    925.7080 -(

    *More Power! im hoping to win so i could buy my baby's stuffs :)

  20. Venos Monato
    My 10 Sulit Must Haves
    1. HongKong Tour Package -,Position,1-1,1
    2. External Hard Disk Drive 500 -,Position,1-2,2
    3. DVD Writer -,Position,1-7,7
    4. Nikon DSLR -,Position,1-1,1
    5. Camera Bag -,Position,1-2,2
    6. Pocket WiFi -,Position,1-9,9
    7. Apple iPhone5 -,Position,1-4,4
    8. iPod Touch -,Position,1-1,1
    9. Bag -,Position,1-3,3
    10. Shoes -

  21. Kriztine Mae Mendoza

    My 10 Sulit Must Haves

    1. Canon 50mm f1.8 lens -,Position,1-18,18

    2. Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon -,Position,1-3,3

    3. cheapest motorized treadmill 2hp clearance sale -,Position,1-18,18

    4. Chandelier Light Chrome and Crystals -,Position,2-2,22

    5. Contemporary Bubble Chandelier -,Position,4-3,63

    6. Hayes DC Ceiling Fans – NOVU -,Position,2-15,35

    7. Shower Water Heater -,Position,1-1,1

    8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE -,Position,1-2,2

    9. 3D 4 Speed Stand Mixer with Stainless Bowl -,Position,2-4,24

    10. 3D 5 Speed Hand Mixer -,Position,2-6,26

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