Friday, January 11, 2013

We bought a crocodile!

Okay. We didn't.  

Last Saturday, my boyfriend, Tepan, and I went to Davao Crocodile Park. It's a tourist spot here in Davao. I have actually been there three times. The first time I went there, I was just a child so I don't really remember anything. Haha. The second time was with my cousins but we weren't able to see the shows. So now, I was finally able to see the shows (and remember them). The entrance fee is really affordable at Php 150.00 considering the fact that you actually get to see a lot of things and you get to be 'one with nature'. 

We went there around 1 in the afternoon and the shows didn't start until 4. So we just went around the place. I took pictures of the crocodiles and the different animals that were there. 
Look at how cute this crocodile sleeps~ ^_^

I think he (or she) is looking for something...

I did mention above that it's my third time to go here, right? Well, it's actually my boyfriend's first time. Haha. He has been a resident of Davao since he was born but only now was he able to visit this place. So cute~ 

He really enjoyed looking at them though they weren't really moving. :)

When we went to the tigers, I never expected to have so much fun. Of all the zoos I've been through, this was the first time that the tiger was running around and chasing us. Well, not literally of course. The tiger was just inside the cage but he was following us. I'm not sure if he wanted to play with us...or eat us.

The tiger's looking at Tepan who is on the other side.

I think they're already friends. Haha.

The place also had other animals like snakes, guinea pigs (so cute~), monkeys, deer, turtles, parrots and a lot more.

Oh, look! It's a turtle on a turtle! :)

When it was already 4 in the afternoon, we sat near their 'Wildlife Arena' and waited for the emcee. The first part was about birds. I don't know the names of the birds but they were really smart. They did some cool tricks like throwing the garbage and playing basketball.

The second part was called 'Pangil Encounter'. Pangil is 18-feet long and is the second largest crocodile in the Philippines. The trainor would poke him with a stick and he would whip his tail and the pool was filled with water. To those unlikely ones, they got wet. Good thing, we were at the other side. :)

The third part of the show was feeding the crocodiles. I wasn't able to take a picture during that time because I was taking a video of it. The juvenile crocodiles were chasing the meat. Gaah. I was afraid that they would bite the leg of the personnel. -_- The fourth part was called 'Crocodile Dancing'. They would hang a chunk of meat above the crocodiles and they would try to get it.

For the last part of the show, the staff were walking on the ropes above the crocodiles. I didn't take a photo because it was already raining and I didn't want to get my camera wet. :P 

The Php 150.00 also includes entrance to the butterfly garden. It was really fun to see them flying around with such beautiful colors.

The entrance fee paid also includes a ticket to a fire dance show at night. However, we decided not to watch it because we didn't have a car and it was difficult to find a taxi. Nevertheless, the 150 pesos that we paid was really worth it. I really had fun! :) 

If ever you find yourself in Davao, don't forget to visit this place. :) You won't regret it! 


  1. I love turtles! Love your Hello Kitty T-shirt! RoRos World

    1. Thank you, sweetie! :) I love the shirt, too! :) My boyfriend gave it. Hihi.

  2. great photos and it looked like
    you had an awesome time there.



    1. Thank you! :) I did! Do visit it when you find yourself in Davao. :D

  3. Your pictures are so cute filled with all those animals!! Looks like you had a good time. And that's a really big snake! *whoa!*

    1. Thank you! I actually got scared so I decided to sit away from the snake's head. Haha!

  4. gorgeous photos! x

  5. Such a cute way to spend time together. It actually seems like a nice and exciting park. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there ^^

    Have a nice day,

    1. Haha. Thanks!:) The crocodiles are amazing when they see food. XD

  6. I haven't been to a zoo in years! Lol! You guys look like you had a lot of fun. The turtle are so cute btw! >w<

    1. I only noticed the turtles after I scanned my photos. Haha. I didn't know it was a turtle on a turtle. Haha!


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