Friday, January 4, 2013

Stars and Planets Manicure + Tutorial

Months ago, KKCenterHk kindly sponsored me a stamping kit. This would be my second kit. The first one I got from another store and it was bad. The image wouldn't transfer to the stamper because they weren't deep enough. So I just somehow gave up on stamping. 

When I received the package from KKCenterHk, I was a bit hesitant to use it but, turns out, it's actually really fun to do stamping. The images were deep enough that it could be easily transferred to the stamper. Here's the end result...

I know that it's still a bit messy but I'm still getting the hang of it. :) 

Let's begin with the tutorial~

Start off by painting your nails pink. I used Etude House #3 Breathtaking Pink.

Choose the image encircled above. 

Apply nail polish over the image using a white polish.

Scrape off the excess polish using the scraper.

Using the stamper, get the image from the plate and the image will transfer to the stamper. You then stamp in on your nails. 

It's so easy right? :) I think I'll now buy more stamping plates. Never knew it was this fun and easy. :D

If you would like to have your own stamping kit and plates, then click the image below. Don't forget to use the code 'wabbit-bunny' to enjoy a 10% discount.

Here are some photos of my NOTD.


  1. I've never tried the stamp thing. I've always been kinda skeptical, but your nails look so awesome, may have to try this sometime :)
    <3, Mel

    1. Thank you! :) You should try them. They are fun to use. Just make sure you buy good quality plates. :)

  2. super duper pretty! I loved it! ^_~

  3. I love your nail art! I used to have a set like this when I was younger but I lost it. It's only now that I'm older that I'd really appreciate it and I WISH I still had it!



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