Saturday, November 3, 2012

A BIGBANG Night to Remember


The winners for the "Samsung Makes Big Bang Alive contest were not yet announced. I already lost hope... :( I was having dinner at Bigby's with my boyfriend when I checked my e-mail if the results were announced. Okay. Maybe, I didn't really lose all hope. Of course, I was still hoping. When I clicked Refresh, I literally screamed out of excitement. I WON! I was one of the winners of a pair of rehearsal tickets to BIGBANG Alive concert and Samsung Galaxy S3 Back Cover (I want an S3 so I could use the cover. Gift, anyone? Haha). It was really an answered prayer.Thank you, Nuffnang! Thank you, Mom and Dad! Thank you, Lord! :)

OCTOBER 24, 2012 


At around 6 in the morning, I left for Manila. The plane arrived around 9, I think? Not sure. Not even important. Haha. I had breakfast with my Dad. Seafood! We, then, went to SM MOA Arena just to check out the place. I got so excited when I saw the tent for Official YG Merchandise was being put up! Ahh! I was so excited to buy the studded Alive Tour Shirt.

Anyway, I bought some things in MOA so I went back to the arena around 1 in the afternoon. As expected, there were a lot of VIPs walking around wearing crown headbands which looked so cute. :) Some VIPs were also giving away gold ribbons to be used during the 'Heaven' performance. :)


There were also different booths - Jeju Air, Samsung Galaxy, BigbangPH and the Official Merchandise tent. I never got to line for the Jeju Air booth. I don't know why. Maybe, I was too preoccupied with the merchandise. Haha. 

I also bought two Bigbang shirts.

 After buying two shirts and saying goodbye to my savings (*sob), I met up with the Nuffnang representative to claim my awesome prize. :D Thank you, Sir Aj and Nuffnang for the tickets and for the back cover :)

Here are some close up photos of the back cover. So pretty~

And here's a photo of the rehearsal tickets.

The staff let us in for the rehearsal at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. They took our tickets and gave us orange bands and a VIP Rehearsal Pass ID (we returned it after the rehearsal. Boooo! I wanted it as a souvenir). 


When we were just outside the arena doors, the music began playing. Everyone screamed and got excited. When they finally opened the doors, we all got excited. But too bad they didn't allow us to take pictures. :( The members went out the backstage one by one. TOP was the last one to show up. He was on the blinged Segway (YES! IT WAS SPARKLY AND PRETTY). He was circling at the back like he was really enjoying his time with the Segway. The best part of the rehearsal was when Taeyang was just in front of us. I could touch him if not for the bouncers. That was the moment that kept on repeating in my head. I was finally able to see all 5 of them, especially Taeyang, up close. But the member who caught my eye was Seungri. He was so handsome and he had this certain charm and appeal to him. Maybe it was the way he dressed. But he definitely messed up my bias list. He may be on the same rank as Taeyang. Omo~! Daesung really had that smile that could also make you smile. His smile was contagious. He looked so happy whenever he waved at us.  When the rehearsal ended Taeyang said "GET OUT!" but of course he did it with his cute smile. We were about to leave when GD said "Salamat" (Thank you) and "Ang ganda mo" (You're very pretty). He was so kawaii when he said it. ^_^


I got my blue bangle from Samsung at around 6 in the evening. The best thing about it is that it lights up. Perfect for the song 'Blue'. I also had my picture taken but I don't know what happened to that photo. :(



Waiting for the gates to open was the most tiring and annoying part. The line was so long. I don't even know if it's called a line. More of a sea of people. They opened the gates late and everyone was supposed to be in that sea of people even if you have a ticket for reserved seats. 

The concert was supposed to start at 8 in the evening and we were still outside the arena. I seriously do not know what they were thinking. It was very congested. We were body to body with other VIPs. My face was almost touching another person's face. There were also those people who were already pushing their way in. But I couldn't blame them. WE WANTED TO SEE BIGBANG PERFORM! We were already shouting "Pasok na! Pasok na!". When we finally came through the see of people, there was another line before we could get in. When we entered the arena, we could already hear BIGBANG performing. Most of us were not able to see the members come out of the capsule. I missed their 'Tonight' performance. That was really disappointing on the organizers' part. T_T


When I entered the arena, they were already performing 'Hands Up'. I was still very frustrated that I wasn't able to see the intro but when I finally saw them, I just felt really happy. I cried. I've always wanted to see them perform live and I was finally able to do that. They looked so good on the stage. Their energy was so HIGH, HIGH which definitely made the concert FANTASTIC BABY. I don't know the exact sequence of the songs they performed but every performance was great. 

Seungri was also really cute when he taught us a few steps of the Fantastic Baby dance. The maknae was really charming and was loved by all during the concert. VI PANDA~

During their 'High, High' performance TOP was marching like a girl. He was imitating the female dancers. Haha. When Taeyang had his solo performance, I was screaming despite having a sore throat. He first sang 'Only Look at Me' and when the intro for 'Wedding Dress' played, I had goosebumps. That's my favorite song from his album. He really dances so well. My eyes were fixed on him. Just when the song was about to be finished, he tore off his clothes!!!! THE CROWD WENT WILD! His body is just perfect. Sigh~

When Bigbang said goodbye after their last song, the crowd kept on chanting "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!". And yes, we got more!!!

Video taken by Seungri then GD (Source: Youtube)

For me, if I had to choose the best part of the concert, it would be the encore.  Bigbang was so wild on the stage. They were running and jumping everywhere. I really like the part when GD poured water on Daesung's head then Daesung whipped his hair. They were really comfortable on stage. Playing like kids. :D Someone also threw a stuffed panda when Seungri was near them. Seungri picked up the stuffed panda and played with it for a while then placed it at the center front of the stage. TOP was also filled with energy. He was dancing everywhere. ^_^ For the second time around, Taeyang took off his clothes and threw it at the audience. OMG! Whoever got it is really lucky. *envious* GD also threw something at the audience - his jacket. OMO!! The girl who got it/fought for it is really luck. *envious again* The members were also splashing water at the audience. It was really wild. TOP was also wearing a cute pink ribbon headband. Why is he still handsome even if he wears girly things? Oh TOP~ 

It was really a night to remember! :D I can't wait for them to return to the Philippines for another concert. :) I didn't get to take pictures during the concert because I used up all my camera's memory for videos. T_T Anyway, credits to the owner of close up photos. :)

Close up photos of BigBang from: 


  1. Your entry is well written, I can feel each line is full if excitement and emotions.I must say, I still have a hangover over their concert. Haha. Can't wait to see them again!

  2. Wow~ I'm really, really jealous that you got to see them perform! >u< I only wish I did. D':

  3. Wowww! You are so luck to meet TOP! He is my long time idol!

  4. congrats and you totally deserve it!! ^_~

  5. amazing! I'm so jealous I totally love them too! Lucky girl ;) please check out my blog:

  6. so cool! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  7. sharing this blog :) -BBVIPAKO :)

  8. AH Absolutely adorable! x


  9. Hey dear follower, have you noticed that my blog URL has changed? :) There you go:

  10. Your blog is great and very inspiring so I'm following you now! :)


  11. I want the samsung galaxy back cover. Badly!!! Please sell it to me. :(

  12. How I wished I also saw this concert. Fantastic! :)

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