Saturday, October 13, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

When YG announced that Big Bang will have a concert here in the Philippines, I literally cried. All VIPs want to see their oppas sing and dance. For me, it doesn't really matter if I'm seated in front or at the back, for as long as I can see them perform live, I'm already happy. But of course, I'm not a hypocrite. If given the chance, I would want to sit in front and see them up close or even hold their hand. Gaah! I think I'll have a heart attack when that happens. Or maybe I'll just cry. 

Ever since I was a fan, I've been buying their albums especially their concert albums. I would put the DVD/CD on the player, sit in front of the television with my Big Bang crown lightstick and my YG cape, and scream as if I'm really watching the concert live. My mom and my sisters would just laugh at me.

When the details for the concert were finalized, I was bummed. The schedule is two months before my board exam. I had to make a painful decision of not going to the concert. Yes, I know it might sound too much but it was really painful. *sobs* I can't see Taeyang! T_T 

However, just when the thought of going to the concert was about to be forgotten, I received an e-mail from NuffnangPH. My heart literally skipped a beat. I finally have the chance to see my oppa! Nuffnang is my fairy godmother! Haha.

Whew~! That's was a long introduction. Now for the Samsung Galaxy SIII that fits my boys (haha! I'm selfish. I want to own them. I did another Big Bang nail art just for this ^_^).... 

I'm going to start with the leader, GD/G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong. I chose the color Garnet Red. I associated the color with his hair and his personality. When he colored his hair red, he was really cute and, at the same time, fierce. Even if he is not the oldest in the group, he is really fit to be a leader. During his scandal issue, the VIPs were really sad. GD said sorry for that. What really touched me was when he saw that as something positive, something which bound the group again. Garnet Red also suits him because his name says 'dragon' and dragon breathes fire. Haha. I know that's shallow. ^_^

Next member is Taeyang/Sol/Dong Young-bae (aka the love of my life. haha I'm that addicted). For him, I chose the color Titanium Grey. My reason for that is really simple. Taeyang really looks very classy especially when he wears a vest and in his MV of the 'Wedding Dress' he did wear a vest and he looked OH SO FAB! Just like the color Titanium Grey, Taeyang can look simple but still has a lot of appeal. Anyway, I just realized when I was typing this that 'Titanium' and 'Taeyang' both start with letter T. Destiny! ^_^ Again, I'm being shallow. Haha.


TOP, also known as Choi Seung-Hyun, is the man with a stare that can make you melt. He was ranked in a poll as THE sex god (of all kpop beauties) and he hasn't even taken off his shirt. His reason? He only wants to show his body to the woman he will marry. Awwwwww. That's really sweet, right? And that's the reason why I chose the color Pebble Blue for him. Not only does it suit his hair but it also suits his personality. Like the color blue, TOP is gentle and he has a lot of respect for people. He may seem harsh but he is one of those people who has a great personality. Blue also fits him because he is always dressed like a king or like royalty (blue? haha).

It's now time for the maknae or the youngest of the group, Seungri/V.I./Lee Seung-Hyun. The first reason why I chose Sapphire Black for him is because of him being known as 'panda'. Why? Because of his dark under eye circles and because he is really cute like a panda. :) Seungri is the funniest of all members. He always jokes around like a kid. Maybe because he's still young. Sapphire Black also suits him because, though he is young, he keeps a lot of secrets. Yes, our little maknae is very mischievous. But, he's still a good maknae and follows his Hyungs.

Now for the last member, Kang Daesung also known as D-lite. My reason for choosing the color Marble White for him is because he is our smiling angel. Dae had an accident last year and all VIPs were depressed because Dae was nowhere to be seen. He was having an alone time with God and not one photo of him smiling was seen by fans. During their comeback, we were finally able to see him smiling. We were finally able to see that Daesung who always smiles. After that incident, he is now called the smiling angel. Plus, it was also very good of YG to have him wear a pair of wings when he sang 'Baby don't cry'. That song did the opposite. It made us all cry. It was really good to have him back. :)

And I'm done! Hopefully, I was able to give justice to each member and I hope you also like my nail art of each member. That's it for this post! :) Thank you for reading ^_^


  1. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  2. you are super creative and talented!! I think you can already start your own nail shop! Keep it up!! I love your nail art design, they are fab ^_~

    1. Thank you so much! :D That's really sweet of you. :D

  3. This is super cool! : D Even though I don't prefer blue, but I will buy it because I love top!

    1. :D TOP and his eyes!!! He's a god! haha

  4. Hi Breena! I love this nail art, and I love BIGBANG ;D

  5. whaa I love the nail art you've made here. so cute <3


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