Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: Dear My Blooming Special Gift Set

Last week, my boyfriend gave me a gift from Etude House. He got the Dear My Blooming Special Gift Set. I'm so happy because he really knows what I want. This set comes with a nail polish in the shade #3 Breathtaking Pink, a lipstick in the shade PK004 Breathtaking Pink and a small bottle of cologne with the name Fruity Floral Fragrance. He gave it at the right time because aside from my nail polish addiction, I was also thinking of buying a lipstick. Furthermore, my cologne from Etude House was already used up. 

This is the gift set that he gave me. The packaging is so cute and pink. I love the packaging of all Etude House products. It really attracts buyers who first notice cute things. :)

These are the contents of the gift set. The nail polish contains 10 ml of the product and I think that's already enough. I can't do a swatch of the nail polish right now because I'm on a nail polish ban. :( I need to rest my nails because some of them are starting to have a yellowish discoloration. :( That's the reason why I don't have any nail-related posts for the past days.  Plus, I'm really busy with my review. 

As for the cologne, I'm hesitating to use it. It only contains 10 ml of the product and I don't want to use it all up. I think I'll save it for special occasions? Haha. Don't get me wrong though, I love the smell. But I think 10 ml would only last me a few days. 

This is the PK004 Breathtaking Pink lipstick. I've been using this lipstick for a week and I really love the color. But the staying power is not that good because I keep on reapplying it especially after eating. However, that really doesn't bother me. 

This is a quick swatch of the product. So pink and pretty. :)

What's actually good about this Dear My Blooming Gift Set is that the nail polish compliments the lipstick and vice versa. They are of the same color or almost the same color. I hope my nail polish ban will be lifted soon. Haha.

That's it for this post! :) Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Beautiful and cute color.*_*
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  2. i love etude house and this review helped a lot .
    thank you for this .

    i followed your adorable blog .


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