Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Haul: Cutex Nail Polishes

In my previous posts, I mentioned that the place where I'm reviewing is just in front of the mall. Every after class, I always go to the mall and see if I'm in the mood to buy polishes. Last week, I was able to buy 6 new colors, 1 base coat, 1 top coat and 1 nail strengthener from one brand which is Cutex. One bottle of nail polish costs Php 109 (~$2.50). 

 (L-R: Gold Rush, Indie Glow, Pure Cotton, Spooktacular, Catwalk Style, Pacific Blue)
These are the polishes that I bought from Cutex. As you can see above, the polishes have very cute names. It's actually one of the things I like about these polishes. Another thing that I like about this nail polish is the brush. It's flat and it makes application of the polish easy. The consistency of the polish is also good (it's not gooey nor too thin). The polishes also don't chip off easily. :)
From left to right, I have 2 top coats, a base coat and a nail strengthener. The top coats don't dry as quick as those expensive ones but they're okay. They don't take hours to dry. They also give a glossy finish and they really protect my nail art for days. The base coat dries quickly so you don't have to wait too long before applying your polish. As for the nail strengthener, I did notice that my nails weren't as brittle as before. Yay for happy nails. :) The best thing about these are they are toxin-free. They really make my nails happy. :)

That's it for this post. :) I'll do some swatches when I have time. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. nice! too bad we dont have cutex here in iloilo anymore

  2. i don't own any cutex polish
    i find it quite expensive kasi e
    i mean it's almost $2.50 a bottle for like half of bobbie polishes
    me thinks it's too much

    i swatched indie glow (yata!) & it has that iridescent sheen on it if i remember... or was it holo?
    looks almost like bobbie's weng weng & from that then on i thought that ill stick with bobbie na lang

    btw, do wait for the xend guy ha
    they already picked up your parcel a while ago
    do tell me when you got it,ok?

    1. Haha. Oo nga mahal. :( But you have more expensive polishes naman. So jealous. Hihi :D

      Yup. Indie glow is somewhat rainbow-ish. I like Cutex' brush compared to Bobbie. I find Bobbie's brush to big for my fingers. :(

      I can't wait to get my hands on that package! :D Excited lang ano? :)


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