Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nail Art: Akazukin Chacha

For 3 consecutive days, I had my hospital duty in the delivery room. I didn't have time to blog nor do nail art. I'm so happy that I've finally completed my cases and I now have time to do some nail art. My dad also bought me the E-6000 industrial glue which I will use for my next decoden. I'm thinking of doing a Hello Kitty decoden. I hope I can do justice to Kitty. Haha.

Anyway, the nail art I did is Akazukin Chacha. I used to watch this anime when I was still in grade 1, I think. It was actually my favorite anime back then. 

Here's a brief intro about the anime:
Akazukin Chacha is the story of a young magical girl named Chacha. She lives in a cottage on Mochi-mochi Mountain with Seravy, her guardian and teacher, who is the fictional world's greatest magician. At the beginning of the anime, when Chacha is about to begin school, Seravy gave her a pendant called the Princess Medallion, and a magical bracelet and ring to Riiya and Shiine respectively. The Princess Medallion enables Chacha to transform into the Magical Princess, who can defeat Daimaƍ's minions, when she shouts the phrase "Let Love, Courage and Hope -- Magical Princess Holy Up!". However, the transformation works only if the three of them get together. (Wikipedia) 
Enough about the intro, let's move on to the nail art. 

I only painted the main characters -- Chacha, Riiya and Shiine (L to R). I also painted the medallion and some glittery stripes for the remaining two nails. 

 The one in the middle is supposed to be the medallion but it looks ugly. Haha. My nail art pen went crazy. It kept on squirting gold polish even though I wasn't squeezing the pen. I just tried to make the medallion look good but I failed. T_T 
For the last two nails, I just used my glitter polishes and made diagonal lines with it. I actually love how they turned out. I'll do this on my nails soon. :)

That's it for this nail art. I hope you liked it!


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