Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nail Art: Stripes and Ribbons

Last night, I was searching the internet for inspiration for my next nail art design. I went to different websites related to nail art. However, I didn't want to do a nail art which is similar to others. Of course, I want to be unique. I, then, realized that there are many things could serve as my inspiration. For the time being, my inspiration would be dresses. 

Oasap is an online store which sells fashion items. They have a huge collection of pretty dresses. I may buy one once I have enough money. In the meantime, I'll browse their dresses to find some inspiration.

This is my nail art for today. It is actually inspired by Oasap's dress (photo below). I changed the color of the ribbon to add contrast to it and added glitter to some parts of it.

I like how this nail art turned out. However, it only lasted me about 3 hours because I kept on moving. Stupid girl. I'm not really sad because I have another design in mind.

On another side, I'm looking for this brush. It's a LA CORNEILLE GOLDEN TAKLON MINI SPOTTER BRUSH 7650. Someone told me that it can be bought in Michaels Arts and Crafts store. Sadly, we don't have that in the Philippines. I really want this brush. It would do me wonders for my future nail art designs.
If your are near any Michaels store, please contact me. :)


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