Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nail art: Chobits

I'm finally done with the Chobits nail art. However, I decided to just do one half of the fake nail set because I don't know what else to paint for the other set. I'm not really familiar with this anime but I had fun painting it. Chii, the main character, is so pretty.

For this nail art, I decided to use acrylics and nail polish. I used acrylics for the characters, the letters and the Japanese characters. For the lace design, I used pink, silver and white nail polish. If you'd like me to do a tutorial for the lace nail art, just tell me and I'll do a separate post for that. :)

Before I proceed with the pictures of the Chobits nail art, I would just like to thank all my followers. I now have 115 followers. Yay! :) Thank you so much! I promise to update this blog frequently. :)

Okay. Enough yapping. :) Here are the photos:

I just decided to paint two characters since they are the main characters. Haha. Excuses. I'm just lazy. :)

Anyway, for the information of everyone, I don't wear any of my creations. They are just left on my working area untouched. I'm thinking of selling my nail arts. Anyone interested? :)

Thanks for reading! :) Please do tell me what you think of this nail art.


  1. Thank you for this nail art. Chi look cute. Two nails at end are beautiful. U Have big talent.

  2. You're amazing! ♥__♥


  3. So talented! Love it!

  4. Very good....u r very your work...:)

  5. TOO CUTEEE <3<3<3

    I am now following you, follow back?


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