Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nail art: One Piece

Hello there! :) I'm here again with another nail art. I just finished doing this. I started last night but I was so tired to finish it because I had hospital duty yesterday morning. I decided to finish it when I woke up. This is for those manga fans especially the fans of One Piece. I'm not really a fan but my boyfriend keeps on mentioning it. He then challenged me to make a nail art of it. I know it's a bit messy. I'm still learning how to use acrylic paint. 
I bought the fake nails yesterday at the mall. It was really cheap compared to the ones I see on the internet so I bought it. When I went home and I decided to use it, I noticed that the set was good for 6 nails. Haha. Anyway, I just decided to use it for practice purposes. 

So here are the photos of my One Piece nail art. :)

Acrylic paint is really good for nail arts. It's easier to blend. It's ability to dry fast is both an advantage and disadvantage. Because it dries fast, there is lesser chance of smudging. However, the paint on your palette dries fast too. In order to avoid that, I just spray water on the paint to prevent it from drying.

I hope you liked it. :)


  1. Awww luffy's crew :) Nice one

  2. what a coincidence!
    i also just finished my one piece nail art just a while ago.
    though only the strawhat boys.hehe

    having a spritzer bottle filled with water is recommended when working with acrylics.just spritz it every now & then to keep it wet & it's better than adding drops of water.

    1. You're nail art is nicer than mine. Hindi ko nga sila kilala. Si Luffy lang kilala ko. Haha.

      Yup. Spritzer should always be present. :) Never knew that it would be easier to do nail arts with acrylics. :D

  3. cute nails... i should try acrylic..

    xo, Carla
    ps. do join my shamballa bracelets giveaway!

  4. So cute!!

  5. That is sooo cute!
    I use to love One Piece. x

  6. You did a good job ^^ I LOVE ONE PIECE! I always dedicate every 10 nails for one character since they're so special and have so many unique characteristics. Maybe you'll become a fan too one day :D

  7. aw darling these are so cute. i am not too big into anime myself, but from what i have seen these look very accurate. really great job, and the best part is that you can tell that you made them with so much love and care.

    xx rae

    pop by and follow if you like what you see, darling <3

  8. Hello!
    So funny!
    I'm your new follower!

  9. Oooohhh, so cute! You even included their bodies, awesome! Just want to ask what brand of acrylic do you use? I went to NBS to find some but there were so many brands available that I was extremely confused about which ones I should buy.

  10. Wow, this is amazing! I have watched that series and I really enjoyed it! you're so creative!
    - Che

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  12. I love all your designs, they're amazing!
    I've followed you already, any chance you could check out my blog, and if you like it, follow me back? I'd be so grateful! :D
    Thank you, amazing blog!


  13. cute little nail stuff xo
    thanks for commenting on my blog honey, following you now :)

  14. That's such cute nail art!!! I am your newest follower ;)

  15. Wow I've been obsessed with nail art these days, I always find myself changing my nail color, thank God I found your blog, it's such a blessing. I just became a follower, I hope you'll follow back. :) :)

  16. you have some amazing nail art. i absolutely enjoyed browsing, and my kids would love it if i did these to my nails.... sadly, i suck at nail art. thanks for the inspiration, and you have a lovely blog. i followed on bloglovin and google, and would be honored if you connect with me on BOTH! cheers from usa! :)


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