Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(Review) Etude House Sleeping Pack

Etude House is selling many types of sleeping packs but I bought this because according to the label at the back, it has a pore tightening effect which will result to a smooth and non-oily complexion. I have very big pores and most of the time I have very oily skin.  It has a milky texture and a floral scent to it.

I have been using this product every night for 3 weeks. I really don't need much for my face. A pea size is enough to cover the face because it's easy to spread. I think one tube (120 ml) could last you months.

I have not got any breakouts since I've been using this. It is very light on the skin. When waking up, my face feels smooth and soft. The product helped in decreasing the oil production of my face and I'm so happy about that.

Will I buy it again?
Definitely, I will. But I think it will take me months to buy a new tube because it seems like I've never even touched it. Very economical. 


  1. Woww.. great review!
    I am searching for the sleeping pack product and I think I'm going to try Etude House now! Thank you for the introduction (:
    Take a look mine too and you can also follow me if you like it.
    Keep posting!

    Stéph❀nie's Notebook

    1. It's a great product. I hope it works for you too. :) thank you so much for this meaningful comment.

      Followed you! :)

    2. Thank you. I hope it works for me too!
      I'm following you now too (:

  2. thanks for the review, I just ordered one of these :D
    You should check my blog out (if you want:) I do nails and stuff ^_^

    1. Thank you sweetie! :D Followed you back :)

  3. I hope my cousin will include this on her package for me. I'm not into sleeping pack actually but i think I should give this a try :)I am your new follower btw, hoping you we could be friends here :)

    1. Sure! :) Let's be friends :) I followed you back. :)

  4. Yes Breena, my cousins, nephews and nieces are there. I was just informed by my cousin that she'll send a package for me from Etude House and Skin Food :) I'm really excited. Actually she sent me last April and you can read it here :


    Thanks for your dropping by :)

  5. Thanks for the review, I really don't use sleeping packs but I think this product is worth a try. I'll definitely buy one.


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