Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA wishlist

Being a fresh nursing graduate, I still had to complete all my cases and take the board exam before I could work. So basically I'm jobless and money-less. I've always wanted to give myself a gift for having surpassed the 4 years of excruciating pain of befriending my hated clinical instructors and of going on clinical duties. I also wanted to give my parents a gift for being there for me all those years and for paying for my college education. I know I disappointed them when I told them I was 0.03% away from being a cum laude. It was heartbreaking for me, what more for them, right? So on this day, I got an email from Nuffnang PH which gives me an opportunity to become Santa.

Zalora Philippines is very kind to offer this opportunity. I registered as a member of Zalora in their website and chose 5 items to put on my wishlist.

The first item is a bag from Kipling. I've always wanted to own a bag from Kipling. Aside from it being of very good quality, I'm so attracted to that cute monkey hanging from the bag. The monkey was my first reason for choosing Kipling. I was happy that it was part of the items they were offering. Don't you just love that cute little monkey? He's so adorable.

The second item is this pair of shoes - TOM'S Black Sequins Women's Cordones. It's a classic black pair of shoes with style. It is actually jaw-dropping. Anything that sparkles, except Edward Cullen, attracts me. I'm like the bird from the Animated Mr. Bean. I have already imagined myself wearing those shoes with slim pants or leggings. It is very classy and honestly, I have no words to describe it. It's just lovely.

Next item on my wishlist is this wallet. This wallet would be for my mom. She likes anything pink especially Hello Kitty. This wallet would definitely match her Hello Kitty bag. Since this wallet has many compartments, my mom would love this. She likes to separate her money in her wallet depending on where she's going to use it. Furthermore, her credit cards and debit cards would fit in right there perfectly.

Fourth item on my wishlist is this pair of shoes for my dad. It is the Men Cordones Brown Wax Twill from TOM'S. My dad loves shoes that have a classic look to them so he could still wear them on special occasions. However, none of my dad's shoes last because of the way he walks. He drags his feet when walking so the soles end up getting destroyed. He, then, buys a new a pair. Therefore, for this year, I would want to give him a pair of shoes.

The last item on my list would be given to my boyfriend. There's a story behind that. Last April 15, I gave him a pair of handpainted shoes. The shoes didn't cost much but the painting did. I've been saving for his gift months before and I did choose a size 9 because that was his shoe size. After buying the shoes, I had it painted by an artist. It had an iron man design on the right and a hulk design on the left. I was very excited to give him the gift given that the Avengers movie was coming up and he was an absolute fan. When he tried the shoes on, it didn't fit. IT DIDN'T FIT. I didn't know how to describe my feelings that time. I was embarrassed and sad. The shoes couldn't be repaired because they were about 2 inches short in length. I didn't know what else to do. I was so sad that time. Until now, I still am. In my wishlist, I chose this pair. I can be assured that they are following the standard sizing.

My boyfriend was nice to enough to just laugh it off. But I know he was sad.

So that's the end of my wishlist. I'm hoping and praying that I win.


  1. cute wishlist! hope you'd win :)

    by the way, i also have an ongoing giveaway on my blog. please do join if you haven't yet. thank you! :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Joined your giveaway~ :)

  2. I wish I can have these amazing stuff too!

    1. I really hope I'll win. :)

      Thank you for visiting! :D

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