Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Hey there everyone! Today, I'm going to introduce to you another Hello Kitty item. It's the sandwich maker (it's obvious in the title. haha). This is the sandwich maker. It's so cute because it is in the shape of kitty's head with her cute little paws and the pink ribbon on her left ear. (σ ̄ー ̄)σ

Let's begin by preparing 2 slices of bread and your favorite filling (mine's Nutella). The plate is also  Hello Kitty. So cute. ( ^∀^)

Now let's open Hello Kitty's big head and see what we have. There is Hello Kitty's face and Rilakkuma's. There is a somewhat bread cutter in the middle but it's not really sharp. It just divides your bread into two. Not really sure what you call that.

Let's put the bread inside. So excited to see Hello Kitty's face on my bread. If you noticed, the filling is no longer chocolate. It's cheese. I kind of overdid the one with the Nutella so I made another one. 

Let's close that big head. (´▽`*)

After a few seconds, you now have this! :D Ta-dah~! I know it looks burned but it looks better than my first try. :)

You can now enjoy your cute Hello Kitty Sandwich. (* ^ー゚) 


  1. You've some good stuff !!
    I really love Hello Kitty ! :D
    Turtle <3

    1. Thank you! :) I'll try to post some more. :D

  2. OmG! That Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker is so kawaii~~ Really cute post! God Bless you...

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    1. Thank you! :) God bless you too! :D

  3. Oh my, you have quite a Hello Kitty collection! You must visit Sanrio Puroland in Japan some time. :)

    1. I hope I could! :) Someday, I will. :D
      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  4. Awww.. your Hello Kitty sandwich maker is so cute! ❤


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