Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nail art addiction

Recently, I've been very much addicted to nail art. I've been watching videos on youtube and browsing pictures.

At first, I only used a hairpin, a toothpick and a watercolor brush. These were the only designs I could make with these items on hand.

The next week I got the hang of it and I somehow improved with my designs.

I then decided to buy nail art brushes. I was so happy with my purchase. I got 14 brushes and 1 dotting tool. Once, I got my brushes, I started painting my nails. It's really fun to do. You could create many designs depending on what you want. You just have to awaken your creative side. :)

Current design. Iron man. Still not done with my right hand, though.

Sorry for the low quality pictures. I just used my iPhone. XD


  1. The red ones look like cherry pie! Yum Yum!

    1. Never thought of that. Haha. Now I'm hungry. T_T


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