Friday, January 13, 2012

What happened on my birthday.

Today is a really happy day. I woke up with a positive aura and went to school at around 11 in the morning. I went to the library to do some reading and then had lunch with Tepan at Molave. Before going to Molave, we passed by Hard Hat (an internet cafe) to get my birthday gift. Yay! I was so excited to open my gift. I seriously had no idea what it was. After getting the gift, we went to Molave. I ordered fried chicken and he order burger steak. I, getting so excited with the gift, started to unwrap it. It looked funny because he wrapped it using electrical tape. He most probably loves engineering too much. Haha.

Moving on, I slowly removed the tapes and after I finished, the gift was inside a styropor formed box. I, again, untaped it and saw a paper bag from Accessorize. Seeing the paper bag, already made me cry. I wasn't expecting him to give me something expensive. Continued with the untaping. Still with the electrical tapes. Haha. And ta-da. I saw his gift. Honestly, I didn't know how I would react. It had a tag which says it's from Accessorize but I just don't get why it's dirty. I thought maybe it was their old stock or he just didn't know how to choose a gift. Nevertheless, I was still happy.

He kept on saying that I would take a picture with the gift and I did. He got something from his bag and said that it was just a joke and handed me the real wallet. Tears started to fall, nonstop.

I really love the wallet. I've always wanted to have one. Never expected he would give it. :D i kept on thanking him. :)

During class, two of my friends namely Czar and Joey entered the classroom with a cake. Everyone in the classroom started to sing "Happy birthday". I, being a crybaby, cried. I hugged both of them and told them how thankful I was.

After my evening class, I treated my friends to Manna, a korean restaurant near our school. Here are some of the dishes we ordered. I forgot their names.

The surprise does not end there. While we were eating, I was surprised because Ingrid, Tepan and Joey suddenly went outside. I thought they just wanted to buy something else. When they came in, they were bringing with them yellow roses (red one from Tepan) along with Benesa and Troy who brought with them a donut with 2 candles.
Aww. I have such sweet friends. This again made me cry. Aww. My birthday is really a happy day! ( ^▽^)

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